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Month: April 2018


Are you thinking of pizza?

Who is not in love with pizza? My answer would be no one. After the Italians introduced the world with the idea of a pizza, people from all over have added this yummy dish to the list of their favourite dishes. Just the thought of it brings water to the mouths of most people. Made of a soft crust, delicious sauce, variety of toppings and oozing with cheese, makes pizza famous for its unique taste. They say food can change the mood of any person, but a pizza will obviously make a depressed person downright cheerful.Technology is advancing and we have to accept that it has made us much lazier than we were before. Our comfort level has increased a lot, yet technology has not disappointed us in any way. Just like any other form of food delivery, pizza delivery has also started. Our favourite ...

Top 5 types of Biryanis that you ought to try!

In our country, biryani is more than just another rice dish. Most of the Indian weddings are incomplete without biryani in their menu. Over the years, biryani has become more than a dish. For people it is an emotion, its love. There have been several fights over the dish as well. A few of them so serious where the bride wouldn’t marry the groom for making an issue with the biryani! These stories are absolutely true.Now you can probably understand the feeling. In the past, there often has been confusion about the existence of veg biryani. Vegetarians argued that a biryani without any meat could be termed as vegetarian biryani. Whereas, the non-vegetarians argued that biryani without meat is simply to be termed pulao.After years of fighting, the non-vegetarians have won the battle. So, my po...

Prepare all types of food at the home

There are many people who just love food and simply cannot live without it. They may prefer to have different types of food, so as to make it interesting and fun. At the same time, no one will be able to resist good quality, well prepared, hygienic food. It can be vegan, veg or non-veg recipes, which will entirely depend upon the specific requirements, moods and tastes of the individual or the group. It is not necessary for the person to always order food from the favourite restaurants. If the person is not a cooking expert, then it is possible to come across blogs and sites that do offer various types of recipes of all types.Cooking delicious foodSoft drinks, burgers and pizzas are fast food that is sure to satisfy the stomach. However, they are not considered to be healthy options and c...

IPL 2018: Delhi Daredevils a pro at losing, trying hard to hit the bottom

There's something about a tournament like Indian Premier League (IPL): All competing teams fight their hearts out to stay on the top. And then there are some like Delhi Daredevils that do the exact opposite. They appear to be striving hard to remain at the bottom.At Kolkata’s Eden Gandens on Monday, it was a homecoming match for DD captain Gautam Gambhir, who used to lead Kolkata Knight Riders until last year. Ideally, the Delhi team and Gambhir should have done everything to win this game, but all they won was the toss. After they invited KKR to bat first, things briefly did seem to be going in their favour as Trent Boult bowled a maiden first over of the match and Sunil Narine was dismissed cheaply. But that was not enough good news.No DD bowler was able to contain the run flow...