Tuesday, September 22

Here’s the Reason Why Colonial Kit Homes are Getting So Popular in Australia

Kit homes are becoming more popular in Sydney for variety of reasons. This article will discuss the salient points of investing on a kit home rather than its other traditional counterparts. Kit houses are becoming more common in the country today, and the reason for it is because it provides good number of benefits to homeowners and owner-builders. You could not go wrong if you consider them revolutionary. These homes have changed the way homebuilders and homebuyers think about houses. What many people once thought impossible is now a very common practice in the Australian housing industry.

In comparison with houses with frames of concrete and timber, steel-framed houses have variety of advantages to offer to even the most discriminating investors and homebuyers. In order to fully understand this claim, it is imperative to breakdown these three factors: efficiency, safety, and sustainability. One of the main reasons why steel-framed homes are becoming more and more popular in countries like Australia is because they have no nonsense approach as far as construction is concerned. From the moment designers make the plan, efficiency takes the driver seat. Since colonial style kit homes companies make use of the latest technology, computer modeling prior to fabrication, there is little to no room for errors, which reduces chances of rework. Because kit houses are much faster and easier to assemble and/or construct, builders or the owner himself need not to waste so much time on it. It becomes more efficient when the steels are not welded but riveted and bolted together which is a common practice among established owner-builder companies. No time is wasted. Additionally, because of this, builders can take more projects because they are not prompted to build these homes for months or years. This is efficiency at its finest.
Nobody can deny the fact that home or building constructions are high-risk areas for workers. Countless workers have been severely or even fatally injured due to onsite accidents. This is one painful reality that is somehow resolved by steel-framed houses. Using steels as frames of buildings and houses requires less number of workers, which significantly reduce chances of accidents happening. Another obvious safety feature is the preassembled inclusions and kits that eliminate the need for using heavy machineries and equipment. In recent years, offsite fabrication is becoming a common method for kit home companies. This method dramatically reduces chances of onsite accidents because it relieves congestion. Furthermore, workers are not exposed to work hazards that are common in construction of concrete or timber houses and buildings, such as workplace noise and dust.
Colonial style kit homes are well-known for their environment-friendly features. For starter, there is no need to cut trees for constructing these houses because obviously they are made of steels. Hundreds to thousands of trees are spared from being cut down because there is no demand for it. Waste removal is not also a problem when building these houses, unlike in concrete house constructions where it is more apparent and inevitable.
More importantly, the steels used for building the frames of these houses are usually a product of recycling. It is said that more than 90% of all structural steel is recovered and reused to make these houses and buildings, eliminating the need for production of more steels which could result in more toxic and industrial wastes. Simply put, kit houses promote sustainability, which gives its owners the peace of mind as they know they are doing their part in saving the environment. In a nutshell, homebuyers who are after a house that is easy to build, not prone to construction accidents, and promotes sustainability, a steel-framed home is their best choice in the market. Steel kit houses are also exceptionally durable, affordable, and easy to maintain, which make them great investments.

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