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Day: April 24, 2018


Advantages and disadvantages of a discount broker

If you happen to engage a discount broker, you will get easy and cheap access to online investment options. By doing so, you will be taking right decisions and reaping huge returns. On the other hand, an investor will not be getting the kind of detailed services that he can expect from the full-service broker.Pros and consThe chief benefit of engaging with some discount broker is that an investor will be able to bank funds with relation to transactions. As the investors hire some traditional or full-servicebroker, they have to shell out a considerable sum of wealth by way of commissions towards the broker. These commissions would correspond to the volume of trade or may be in the form of flatfree. In case the investor trades often, the hefty commissions taken will tot up rapidly. If you h...

How to Pull Off Shorts for Women

India has long been very traditional and conservative in the sense of dressing as well as in many other aspects. But, in the past couple of decades, India has been modernizing and has become open to a lot more open thinking and freedom. The same old conservative thinking is not there anymore in most of the major cities but the same way of thinking is still present in a lot of the rural areas of India. Because of this growing sense of modernity, both men and women have been allowed to wear newer fashions that are prevalent in the world.This has given people the freedom to pick and choose what they want to wear and what they want to feel like. One such item of clothing for women which was not very popular in India but has now become super popular is the shorts. Let us see how you can pull o...