Monday, January 25

Day: April 25, 2018


A quick look at the dishes best suited for a lazy cozy day

Food is an epitome of attaining peace, that peace when you find after having good food cannot be described through words. It can be a medium to make yourself happy or a medium to make others happy or a medium to show affection towards someone, these days fast foods are totally something you rely on, nothing beats that, healthy and diet comes later but to satisfy oneself you have to satisfy your stomach too and only food in the world has all the power to do so.In a lazy day or a Sunday or holiday you don’t feel like going out always and getting food from the store, or maybe you are watching a movie in your television and you are craving for something really crunchy and hot, and of course you don’t want to leave the movie and go out and eat so then at that point of time you just get some fri...