Sunday, February 28

Day: February 15, 2021


How to make your home bound events fun with Libas e Jamila traditional clothes

The current saddening situation of the world has left everyone concerned about our dear future and the ongoing events and happening are reduced to a minimum level. May they be wedding celebrations or after wedding festivities, may it be eid or diwali everything is rendered into something unusual but we have been watching that people are recreating old times in these conditions reviving what their ancestors did back then when things were simpler and more confined; weddings were a closed affair. Everything was contrastingly different a decade back but does it mean our elders didn’t have fun in their lives? Of Course, no! Let’s Rewind with Libas e Jamila Happiness has always been the same; the concept of glee fullness has exactly been the same even then. What we are discovering now is th...