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A Brief View of the Challenges While Doing Photography of Properties

Do you want to start your photography real estate business? Well, it is undoubtedly a big move and requires proper planning. Maybe you are looking for a Time lapse camera in Melbourne to ensure the best pictures, but you must also be aware of the challenges you will encounter during a project.    

Window light

While you will be taking interior shots the room will appear darker compared to the windows. It is a common issue that real estate photographers face. An easy solution to this issue is taking bracketed exposures. It merges multiple images together in post-processing, providing you with a picture well-exposed throughout. 

Color balance

There is always a battle between natural light and artificial light. Natural light may appear terribly blue in photos when the artificial light is too warm. A quick fix would be, turning off all the artificial lights and prefer only natural light for the clicks.

But a more professional approach is to light the interior using strobes. The strobe light is more powerful in comparison with any other light in the house and it will overpower the color imbalance and make it all look similar, resulting in a well-lit and crisp photo. 

Tight spaces

As a real estate photographer, you have to deal with small spaces like a pantry or bathroom and can be quite challenging to photograph. Positioning yourself or the tripod in a doorway may be a solution sometimes, giving a little more room to work with.

Otherwise, you can consider using a wide-angle lens, though you need to be more careful because you don’t want the picture to be distorted. Make whatever corrections are needed in post-processing, ensuring you maintain a straight line throughout the photo. 

Room clutter

In real estate photography, you have to deal with room clutter. You can ask the owner for Decluttering before you start your job. Try to explain that sprucing up the house is beneficial without being offensive. If it does not work, ask the agent to reschedule and prepare everything so you can deliver your best service. 

Use of drones 

Drone services in Australia are on the rise, but many real estate agents and homeowners underrate the potency of using drones for each property shoot, and getting them to realize the potential can be challenging.

If you are shooting a property with a wonderful view, using a drone can add some amazing perspective to the images. Drones are also useful to photograph the entire property from a better angle. Talk about the advantages of using a drone before each photoshoot. 

Appropriate preparation 

You need to prepare yourself for each real estate photography assignment. For getting the best clicks, you must have the right equipment, the expected natural light, and a perfect shot list. Make sure to discuss with the agent and homeowner all the details ahead of time.

Walking through the property before the shoot would be a good initiative; it will help you to identify areas that require showcasing. Check every part and determine what equipment and lighting setup you will need.

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