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Advantages of Joining The Rehab Centre and Staying Sober

If you have decided to quit drugs, but find yourself stuck in “one last time and then I will quit” refrain in and get no closer even after trying to quit for a week or months, then it’s the time to seek medical help. Enrolling yourself in the drug rehab program can be your first step towards recovery.  Detoxification is the process in which a person allows his body to get rid of all the toxins built up due to substance abuse. Anyone who is suffering from substance addiction for a long time needs a higher level of support to deal with the underlying problems and withdrawal symptoms. A person stays in the Rehab Centre for a month, or more depending upon their physical and mental state.

Detox symptoms

When a person then abruptly quits the substance he/she has been taking for a long time, withdrawal symptoms like seizures, nausea, tremors, body ache, etc., occur. To deal with withdrawal symptoms, proper medical attention is necessary. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal to occur are:

  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome;  common symptoms to occur are hallucination, seizures, and it may even progress to DTs (delirium tremens).
  • Sedative withdrawal syndrome;  common withdrawal symptoms are twitches and muscle aches, insomnia, and agitation. If the withdrawal symptoms are not treated rightly, it can also result in life-threatening complications and can be very dangerous.
  • Opiate withdrawal syndromes accompanied by symptoms like aching muscles, anxiety, runny eyes and nose, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. These withdrawal symptoms can make a person extremely uncomfortable but do not cause any life-threatening problem. Opiate drugs include morphine, oxycontin, heroin, methadone, and Codeine.
  • Stimulant withdrawal symptoms can be categorized as Paranoia, depression, instability, and fatigue. Stimulant drugs are; MDMA, Ritalin, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

Benefits of joining the rehab

The goal of every Drug Detox Centre is to provide a safe, comfortable, healthy, and drug-free environment to a person for faster recovery.  Along with providing the complete care facility, the Detox Centre is focused on the faster recovery of persons and dedicated medical staff is available all the time to help the addict to deal with withdrawal symptoms and overcome their addiction. Here are a few reasons why you should join the Rehab center for sober recovery:

  • In the rehab, dedicated medical staff is available 24 hours a day to help the patient.  The medical team is well equipped with all the tools and techniques that can help a person to manage their physical and mental symptoms of drug withdrawal.
  • The Rehab facility provides a safe and comfortable environment for people for faster recovery. the person will be far away from the drug temptation and older and healthy habits. Also, Rehab provides replacement medications to deal with the severe but all symptoms.
  • In the rehab environment, a person gets a chance to indulge with people who are fighting for the same goal; become sober. If you join the rehab, you will be protected from the stress factors that may trigger you for consuming drugs or alcohol. You will be far away from the regular life responsibilities, stress, and tension, and get a chance to recover in a healing environment where everyone is focused to get healthier, sober, and better.

Aftercare treatment plan

Detox is not the only thing that you need to remove addiction from your life. Once you complete the treatment and get back to your normal life, you will see that factors that may drive you for substance abuse are still there. Thus, you need an aftercare treatment plan to assure long-term sobriety. The Drug Rehab Centre will provide you aftercare treatment to make sure that you stay away from substance abuse for the rest of your life. An after-care plan can help you to avoid relapse and make sure that you do not return to your detective life again.

Millions of people worldwide are living a healthy and productive life after rehab recovery.

So, are you ready to take that first step towards the Society? Join the Rehab today!

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