Tuesday, January 26

Are you thinking of pizza?

Who is not in love with pizza? My answer would be no one. After the Italians introduced the world with the idea of a pizza, people from all over have added this yummy dish to the list of their favourite dishes. Just the thought of it brings water to the mouths of most people. Made of a soft crust, delicious sauce, variety of toppings and oozing with cheese, makes pizza famous for its unique taste. They say food can change the mood of any person, but a pizza will obviously make a depressed person downright cheerful.
Technology is advancing and we have to accept that it has made us much lazier than we were before. Our comfort level has increased a lot, yet technology has not disappointed us in any way. Just like any other form of food delivery, pizza delivery has also started. Our favourite dish is now delivered right to our doorsteps. Do you want to have roast beef chicken pizza? No worries just order it online and it will get delivered to your location. Enjoy its deliciousness in your own space and comfort.
This part is as easy as it can get. You just have to go to the respective website from where you will be able to order the pizza. Next you have to decide the size of pizza you want to have, the crust, the sauce and what all toppings you would want in it. Most pizzerias will make the delivery within 30 minutes of the confirmation of the order. You must have noticed that these pizza deliveries are made in motorcycles or scooters which have a box attached to their back where the pizza is kept. The payment can be made online with the help of your credit or debit cards or net banking. Nowadays most of the franchises are also accepting payments from online wallets. Cash on delivery option can also be used when necessary.
Few years back, a famous pizza chain started a ’30 minutes or free’ challenge. This entailed that a pizza would be given free of cost to the customer if the delivery took more than 30 minutes. This challenge had caused numerous accidents due to hurried deliveries of pizza, which eventually led to a lawsuit being filed in The United States of America, which stopped the challenge. Even though most deliveries are still made within this time range, if not the restaurant will provide the approximate time it would require to deliver the pizza. So don’t worry about your chicken roast beef pizza being too late.
All the pizza chains hire professional chefs to cook the pizza as they wouldn’t want to mess up this mouth watering dish and lose their reputation. So if you plan on applying for the job, you have to have proper degrees to qualify. But if you plan on being a delivery person as a part-time job you don’t really require any specific academic qualifications. But you will need a license to ride the bikes and scooters while delivering.

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