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Electrical wires and it’s major types

Wires are one of the most important components which are used in the construction of a building. After the type of concrete used in building a property, wires are the most crucial thing which one should focus upon. Electrical wires are basically conductors which transmits the electricity from a particular source, which in most of the cases is a nearby transformer, to an outlet. Such outlet is usually located in the business or homes. They are also used in the electronic devices and appliances. Electrical wires come in various casings, materials and sizes for the different types of electrical loads and various conditions. Most of the electrical wires are mad from the copper, while they can also be formed from aluminium or any other material. In this article, we are going to discuss the major types of electrical wires produced by the electrical cable wire manufacturers. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  •         Single-conductor wires: These are most commonly used type of the electrical wires. There are two types of the single-conductor wires-Solids and strandards. Stranded wires are used in many common electronics, for instance electronic chargers as these are flexible. Solid wires conduct electricity better and are rigid. These are used for long and even wires. Two most common types of the single-conductor wires-Thermoplastic high water-resistant nylon-coated (THWN) and Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN).
  •       Multiconductor Cables: These are the cables which are used in the heavy appliances such as dishwashers & washing machines and also behind the walls of your home. These are also used in the video cameras, television studios, audio recording systems, camera control systems etc. Apart from these, remote control circuits, audio and sound systems, data transmission systems, actuator control systems & public address systems are some of the other components where these cables are used These cables are most commonly known as non-metallic or NM wires. These basically consists of a hot or live wire, neutral wire and ground wire, which are usually encased in a plastic sheath. NM cables which are used in the heavy appliances are always designed to be used with 120/140 circuits.
  •       Metal Clad cable: These are the wires which are housed in a spiral metal casing, most of the times aluminium, that contains a ground, live and neutral wire. These are basically corrosion-resistant metal cables which usually contains insulated aluminium or copper connectors. These wires are able to bear the heavy loads, that’s why these are used in the industrial buildings. The metal casing which the wire has saves it against any type of the wire failure and also reduces the major fire risks. These cables are the most trusted ones by the experts because of their ability to function properly even under less than ideal conditions. MC cables are expensive because of the type of material they use. However, they are cheaper than the pipe and wire installations. Moreover, their installation is a bit easier than other types of the electrical cables.

These were the major types of the electrical cables which are offered by the wire suppliersEach type caters to the different types of the needs, whether of the client or of the building.

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