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Factors to Consider While Buying Vintage Jewelry

You may face some degree of difficulty while purchasing vintage jewelry. The first question that occurs in mind is how do you judge authenticity? You may come across an unscrupulous seller that takes an ordinary diamond ring, scratching it up a bit, and present it as a vintage piece. Even something worse can happen as someone passes off a glass costume jewelry piece for making a quick buck.    

Find a trustworthy seller for your purchase

How can you separate the trustworthy sellers from the ones providing fake jewelry just to make some easy money? From where you are going to buy is the first thing to consider. Are you persuaded by an advertisement on online classified lists? It can be a real deal, but how do you verify?

The easiest solution would be sticking with sellers who are really running a business, displaying knowledge of vintage jewelry. Moreover, check for external signs of the seller’s authenticity, considering reviews and testimonials. If previous clients have had a positive experience with the seller, chances are you will get something similar. 

Looking for disclosures

Some Vintage jewelry pieces have been around for more than a century. Quite naturally, you can’t expect them to stay in brand-new shape. The real beauty of vintage jewelry reflects by the small dents and soft patina the metal takes on, telling it’s been worn and loved.

Someone who is selling a vintage piece may not understand that such flaws are charming and consider glossing over any signs of wear. A reputable and experienced seller will never hide what’s going on with the jewelry. If the seller discloses everything and provides detailed information, you know you are in the right place. 

Jeweler’s mark

Though it is not usual for today’s mass-produced jewelry, antique and vintage pieces often have the jeweler’s mark on them. Just like a painting is signed by the artist, jewelers spending hours to craft marvelous pieces by hand consider leaving a mark in a vague spot. Maker’s unique mark speaks the authenticity of the piece and the time period to which it belongs. 

Requesting an evaluation

If you have checked all these factors and still unsure what will you get or if you need to have the value in writing regarding insurance, you can ask for an appraisal anytime. If the seller is reputable, it will provide appraisals from unbiased sources with the appropriate credentials for appraising jewelry.

Obsess over origin

You may dream to own a piece worn by some renowned historical figure, but the fact is searching for one is strenuous and even if you succeed, you have to pay a premium for that. Usually, famous creations stay with the family of the original owner and change hands through generations. And which are available in the market may be difficult to track down and verify.


If you are interested in buying vintage jewelry or dream of having a unique collection of vintage pieces, the first thing you need to consider is having sufficient information and knowledge. Research, analyze and studying reviews can be helpful.

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