Monday, January 18

How to start early preparation for an exam?

Students suffer from a great deal of pressure these days. They are expected to achieve so much at an early stage, but due to this physiological pressure, they end up under-performing, quite often. The cumulative strain from their schools and parents make things very difficult for the students. They are often subjected to immense study pressure and workload.

If you are a student and facing difficulties managing the workload from your school and tuitions, you might need to start understanding the problem and look for a solution to handle this pressure. Do you think that you are undergoing a lot of stress from schools, tuitions, and other coaching centers, and eventually end with no time for your self-study? Do you think that lack of self-study is the main reason for the under-achiever that you are slowly becoming? If yes, then you might need to reschedule your time and make sure you are abiding by the following mentioned criterions.

You need to be solving worksheets on your own.

The first step to secure satisfying results in an exam is not only by starting early but also by starting right. You may be a regular student in your school and attend personal tuitions or coaching, but limiting your resources only to these will make you vulnerable and dependent. At the time of your exams, you will realize how much under-prepared you are. That you have solely devoted your time to lectures and tuitions, and no time was devoted to self-study. You need to understand that to succeed, and you will need to get down with your studies, on your own. Solving the exercises for different subjects on your own will give the idea of the content. For instance, to develop a grasp for Mathematics class 7, you need to practice the problem sums on your own. This boosts your confidence, and on the exam day, you will be capable of solving the problems without any pressure.

A revision is necessary, regularly.

This is something that goes missing for most of the students these days. It is a common thought of the students and as well as some parents that by only attending to the tuitions and classes, their ward would excel. Which is a blatant lie, personal coaching will only help if the self-study and revision are kept updated. Everything boils down to the individual, and no one on this planet could be of any help if the student hasn’t revised. So if you are a student studying in class 7, and facing difficulties in Mathematics even though you are supported with a tutor, you need to work on the subject on your own by solving Class 7 maths worksheets. See how much you can settle for yourself, and keep a note of the areas you feel are problematic. This way you can clear your doubts in school or with your tutor.

Try not to drain yourself out.

Do not be scared or stressed, exams are just a way to find your aggregate progress in a session. Try to be serious and focused. Don’t lose your track by stressing unnecessarily. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming exam season.

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