Wednesday, April 14

Now pay a fine for not wearing a seat belt on the car’s back seat, not installing a side mirror on bikes

To reduce the number of road accidents in the national capital, the Delhi police has made it mandatory for the two-wheelers to have a side mirror. For four-wheelers, the new orders said passengers in the back must have their seat belt on so as to void a challan.

Officials have further said that these rules are mentioned in both the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and the Central Motor Vehicle Act 1989 but the police wish to enforce them with strictness via fines.

Bike drivers without a side mirror will have to pay e challan of Rs 500 and a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed for not installing the rear seat belt in the car.

The new Delhi police order also stated that it has been noticed that a very high number of two-wheelers have been seen riding around Delhi roads with their rearview mirrors removed. Police remarked that this is a dangerous practice on fast-paced highways.

“There is also very little compliance with the provisions for use of rear-seat belts in cars. Henceforth, all TIs are hereby directed that the special drive would be conducted against w/o rear-view mirror and w/o rear seat belt would be conducted in the jurisdiction of Western Range,” the order said.

While we are on the subject of accidents and careless drivers, it’s needless to mention that bike insurance insulates you from the damage caused by an accident. You should be aware that if you approach an insurer, you will be offered these types of insurances.

Third-party insurance: This insures you from all the financial losses you cause to a third-party and their vehicle. This is mandatory as per rules laid down by the government.

Comprehensive insurance: This includes third party insurance, covers two-wheelers from accidents, fire, theft, natural calamities and also covers the medical expenses of the person. The comprehensive bike insurance cover doesn’t shield your bike against depreciation (wear and tear with time). You can save the depreciation by choosing a Zero-Depreciation add on.

Now if you have understood the need for insurance, you need not look beyond Bajaj bike insurance which gives a personal accident cover of Rs 15 lakhs. This allows the owner or the driver, the financial muscle to bear treatment costs following an unfortunate event such as an accident involving your bike.

It must be noted that the coverage is offered for accidents when you are driving the bike, travelling on it, mounting or dismounting from it. Besides, you can also add a personal accident cover for the pillion rider with our policy.

Losses and Damages Suffered Due to Natural Calamities

Bajaj’s two-wheeler insurance policy also covers losses suffered due to natural calamities such as fire, explosion, self-ignition, typhoon, flood, hurricane, storm, tempest, cyclone, frost among others.

Documents required to avail bike insurance online 

Proof of identity (Ration card/ voter id, Driving licence/ passport)

Registration certificate of the bike

Old policy number for NCB, if have.

Proof of address (voter’s ID card/passport/Aadhaar)


Accidents more often than do not result from the error of your part alone. Therefore it is prudent to follow the traffic rules and also be prepared for the damages that may follow. This is where Bajaj bike insurance can have you covered.

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