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Party Bus Theme – A Great Idea For Your Friend’s Hen’s Party

One of the best feelings and moments of life is when you get married. To make your wedding special and memorable, hen party plays a crucial role. Whether it is the bride or the bride’s maid, everyone waits for the hen’s party desperately. Everyone wants to have a happening and incredible party for their bachelorette. Along with good food and music, one thing that matters is the party theme. There’s a wide range of party themes available such as Bohemian theme, Aqua, Fairy theme, Pool party and many more. These days, party bus theme is in the trend. Newcastle party bus offers excellent entertainment to the hen’s party. It comes with various features that make this theme a great idea for your friend’s hen’s party.
Party Bus Theme

Here are reasons that make sure party bus theme is a great idea for hen’s party:
Perfect for longer trips
One major advantage of using a bus theme is that you can enjoy longer trips with your friends. For a longer party, this party theme is perfect. With the bus facility, you can take trips on weekends along with music, food, and entertainment. The best thing is that you can stop at different places and locations for bonfire or camping. On the special day of your friend, you can spend time together along with touring the city.
Ideal for large hen’s parties
Party bus is highly spacious and comes with all the amenities such as mini bar, music, video and many more. So, if your friend is planning to throw a hen’s party then party bus theme is perfect for it. A party bus can accommodate 20 to 25 passengers, thus, there will be no issue of congestion. With the party bus, you can get two benefits. You can either travel on the bus to visit the destination for the party or can arrange the hen’s party on the bus.  If you don’t want to disturb the neighbours then the party bus is best for you.
Party bus activities
If we’re talking about hen’s party then we cannot forget about the fun activities. There are a number of fun things that you can do easily inside the bus. Some of the fun activities include Karaoke, Charades, Truth & Dare and many more. All these activities can be done with ease inside the bus that too without disturbing your neighbour.
Décor as you wish
One of the important elements of the hen’s party is the venue décor. You can easily decorate the inside area of the bus with different themes such as retro theme, Disney theme, disco theme and many more. You can tweak the décor of the bus to complement it with your attire. Isn’t it great? And this also adds more fun and excitement to the trip.
There’s a long list of themes available for making a hen’s party great and incredible. The best among them is the party bus theme which is perfect for large hen’s party and making longer trips. Various fun activities can also be done with the bus party theme.

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