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Time Management Tips for MPSC Exam

Around 3.6 lakh candidates appeared for the Maharashtra State Civil Services Examination 2019 out of which approximately 6825 candidates were selected for the Mains stage. The figures highlight an important factor which is the high competition in this examination. This article will hence, bring forth some important time management tips that will help you clear the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) state service examination.

The Maharashtra State Service Examination preliminary stage usually takes place in April. However, with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 examination has been postponed. The fresh MPSC notification regarding the exam dates has not been released by the commission as of 4th December 2020. This time can be used for further revision of your syllabus. Let’s see how to prepare efficiently for the Maharashtra State Service Exam.

Important Tips to Cover MPSC Syllabus on Time

There are a few universal tips that work for each and every student for all kinds of competitive examinations. Some of them that can be easily used by the aspirants are:

  1. Creating a schedule – Most of the state level examinations span over a period of one year. The examination process is long and hence, leading without a proper master plan may impact your chances to clear the examination.
  2. Know your ‘Whys’ – ‘Why’ are you studying any particular subject should always be noted. This way, you can analyse the importance of all the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Mostly students dive deep into history topics out of interest and waste their precious time on reading information that is irrelevant from the exam’s point of view. Similar mistakes can be committed for other subjects too. Hence, it is very important to also know what not to read for the examination.
  3. Understand the exam pattern – There are two things that can help you understand the exam pattern — syllabus and previous year question papers. With the help of syllabus, one understands the demand from the exam, while with the help of old question papers; one can understand the trend of the questions being followed. Both of these things will help candidates to devise a plan for better preparation.
  4. Learn from the toppers – Most of the time, the strategies followed by the toppers are different but the resources that they follow remain the same. Hence, it is a good practice to learn from the experienced and try to inculcate similar strategies in your preparation.
  5. Be versatile with your preparation – Candidates should not stick to one pattern of the preparation. One must bring in practises that keep them indulged into their exam preparation. Monotony kills the fun of preparation and one starts feeling bored and burdened with the exam. Hence, mixing and matching different subjects together can always keep aspirants on their toes and they will always keep the freshness of the preparation alive.

The basic tips to be followed to prepare for the Maharashtra state service examination remains the same as for the other competitive examinations. To prepare for the examination conducted by the MPSC, one must prepare their own notes, revise them often and trust their preparation.

It is important for all to remember that it is one of the competitive examinations attracting lakhs of aspirants, hence it becomes challenging to clear the examination. The above-mentioned tips may help you to design your successful journey towards this exam.

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