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Tips and Tricks: Update your Website when re-opening after Coronavirus

Now that states and municipalities are starting to open up for businesses, it is time to finally get back on track. However, this time around you need to take some measures, keeping in mind the pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak was so abrupt that businesses found it hard to comprehend and process. This unpreparedness did not give them enough time to update their customers regarding their operations during the pandemic period.

The coronavirus virus, however, was not altogether bad as it brought innovation and creativity to the table. Now, for the biggest or smallest business-related changes employees or owners do not have to put themselves at risk by stepping out. Instead, with high-speed internet services such as WOW Internet Deals at home, everything is possible.

Even though the situation is getting better, uncertainty is still lurking around and you never when you will face another lockdown. Hence, in this new dynamic communication with customers is very important. Most of the business websites did not even get the time to revise their website content to inform customers how they would be conducting business during lockdowns.

If you are one of those businesses who still haven’t updated their website, then the time has come for you to work a step ahead to secure your business from a “customer-confusion” disaster.

Now that you have to update your website according to the pandemic, here are a few tips and modifications that will make your business website ready for a post coronavirus world:

A re-opening page

If you were not operating during the coronavirus outbreak, then there are high chances that your customers completely forgot about how you used to run your company. Therefore, it is important to create a reopening page that can freshen up your customers’ memory.

An effective re-opening page should have the hours of operation of your business, and any new details that you think are important for your customers to be aware of.

Make sure you do not forget to provide knowledge to your customers on how to follow the SOPs and keep themselves safe from being infected since the coronavirus’ initial shock has faded away but we still haven’t gotten rid of the virus completely.

Refresh FAQs

If you didn’t have an FAQ page for your business website, you should immediately make one and in case you already had it, it is time for you to refresh it. You should include information that will reflect how customers’ safety is important for the business. Some of the questions that you can include can be:

  • Is facemask required?
  • Should customers bring their own facemasks?
  • How early should customers arrive?
  • How much waiting time can customers anticipate?

Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and sets appropriate expectations. Also, make sure you update the FAQ page according to the changes taking place in your business options.

Welcome Back Video

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have been disconnected from their customers. Brands that did not work on their social media appearance during the coronavirus outbreak no longer have personal bonds with their customers.

If your business is standing in the same position, then creating a personalized welcome video will help you regain your customer’s loyalty.

Through a personalized video you can show how you are excited to serve customers again. Also, make sure you point out any new policy or rule that you have made a part of your business and is crucial for your customers to know.

Set up Home Page

The first thing your visitor sees when they visit your business website is the homepage. Therefore, make sure you do not let the pre-coronavirus home page welcome your customers. Make sure you have an opening announcement on your home page that will excite your customers about your renewal.

Remove irrelevant information

If you have not touched your website since you started your business, then you will have a lot of irrelevant and outdated information to remove.

Irrelevant information includes deals, packages, and discounts that are no longer applicable. It might also include the service that is no longer a part of your business model in the post coronavirus world, such as the delivery of products that involve human contact.

Make sure all the information present on the website is accurate and is following the protocols of the post coronavirus world. 

Key Takeaways

You do not want your visitors to land on old information and give them false hopes. Therefore, you need to take the time out and work on your business website to regain your customers and improve sales in the post coronavirus world.

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