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Mathematics is an important tool in our daily life. Without maths, no one can complete his/her education.. As in every step, maths is required. One should be excelled in this subject as the subject continues with the higher studies. This subject also teaches and judge the creativeness, thinking to solve the numerical problems rationally. The course helps to learn in-depth knowledge about the subject which will help you to crack the competitive exam in the future. To study maths in the 8th standard is important and needs to be studied in the right manner as it will help you to achieve good results. The study material for CBSE class 8 maths can be learned from the experts through online or by coaching. The 8th standard class is very important and each student has to work hard to the fullest for achieving the desired result. The course includes various chapters such as linear equations, rational numbers, geometry, quadrilaterals, squares and squares roots, data handling, cube and cube roots, quantities, algebra, menstruation, factorization, playing with numbers, and introduction to graphs.
The various steps can be taken to achieve the marks:
  • Observe and Analyze the syllabus: the first step is to analyze the syllabus that is provided by the CBSE board. They have prepared the syllabus according to the student and it is a basic standard that helps to provide detailed knowledge and creates interest among you to opt for maths in further classes.
  • Proper Time must be given: if you are weak in maths than extra time should be given to understand the subject and need to practice it daily. While practicing regularly, it will help you to understand the concept and it will bring clarity.
  • No Need to Miss or Skip the Class: until and unless there is not an emergency, try to go to school and don’t skip any classes. If any class is being missed, you will not be able to understand the entire chapter and it will lead to no understanding of further concepts.
  • Internet: if you are unable to understand the entire chapter, you can take help from the internet. The various chapters can be studied for free of cost by subscribing to the channel or by buying the course.
  • Prepare Charts: try to write down all the important formulas and paste it on a wall. So that you can revise on an everyday basis and it will help you to remember the formulas for a longer period.
  • Use of mnemonics: try to make the mnemonics of words. It will help you to remember quickly about things. It can be used for both the theory and for formulas.
After knowing the steps of how one can achieve good marks in this subject. One can practice the maths worksheets for class 8 CBSE. But practice only when you have finished all the chapters thoroughly or you want to practice the worksheet on a daily basis after completion of one chapter. It is important to practice the worksheet as it helps to provide where you are competent to find the solution and in which part you need to practice more. So, try to practice and understand the concepts of maths deeply.

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