Monday, January 25

Top 5 types of Biryanis that you ought to try!

In our country, biryani is more than just another rice dish. Most of the Indian weddings are incomplete without biryani in their menu. Over the years, biryani has become more than a dish. For people it is an emotion, its love. There have been several fights over the dish as well. A few of them so serious where the bride wouldn’t marry the groom for making an issue with the biryani! These stories are absolutely true.

Now you can probably understand the feeling. In the past, there often has been confusion about the existence of veg biryani. Vegetarians argued that a biryani without any meat could be termed as vegetarian biryani. Whereas, the non-vegetarians argued that biryani without meat is simply to be termed pulao.

After years of fighting, the non-vegetarians have won the battle. So, my post today is dedicated to the different types of biryani. You could get chicken biryani recipe in Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati or any other regional language according to your convenience.
So, here goes the list:

  1. Hyderabadi biryani- Talk about biryani, this has to be on the top of your list for sure. This biryani is the most flavourful of all and also is very colourful. This biryani is a mixture of saffron, rose water and kewda that adds perfect fragrance to the dish. Apart from that the taste of golden brown onion rings is too good to miss.
  2. Sindhi biryani– This is quite different than Hyderabadi biryani. If you think you have the spvuest of all, then think again. Because this biryani is a load of thin and closely slit chillies with mint and coriander along with different spices that add flavour to the rice. The biryani is made rich with a generous addition of dry fruits and nuts. And don’t forget the golden brown onion that is used to garnish the biryani.
  3. Ambur biryani– Now we bring to you the flavour from the Southern part of our country. Yes, Ambur biryani is very popular in the south. It basically originated in Tamil Nadu and has gained its name from the town it originated from. You would see people go crazy over this preparation. It goes best with raita and some chicken kebabs.
  4. Kolkata biryani– Now amongst all the other types of biryanis, this is probably one of the least spicy biryanis. This has a slight touch of sweetness in it since it’s from the state of Bengal. Also, a boiled potato is a must whenever you order for a Kolkata biryani. But trust me you would love it. It is so mild, that you don’t really need raita for its support.
  5. Bhatkali biryani- This is yet another recipe from the southern side of our country. This delicacy has originated from the district of bhatkal that lies in Karnataka. The taste of this biryani is something that you can’t miss because it is a load of fiery red chillies and sautéed onions. Now go and grab yourself one!

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