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Types of Bra Every Woman Should Know About

As a woman, life is hard to say the least. Every step of the way seems like a test, and although women are known to pass it with flying colors, it doesn’t get easy. As a woman, your body goes through tremendous changes and pain, whether it’s giving birth or hitting puberty. Your body is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s extremely important that you take care of it. Not only does that involve giving it the right nutrition it needs but also taking care of it physically. And, that includes finding and choosing the right bra for your breasts. Finding the right bra, especially if you have large breasts is not an easy task. 80% of women around the world wear the wrong size of bra. It is a crucial step to prevent your breasts from sagging and much worse, breast cancer. Today, there are a variety of shapes, colours, designs and patterns to choose from, and can get a little overwhelming, especially if you’re someone who is new to it. Your bra shouldn’t be something you keep adjusting or that brings you discomfort. It should be comfortable and well fitting, without any spillage.

So, here are few types of bras every woman should know about. Scroll away to know more!

  1. Sports Bras –

Sports bras are the most necessary and basic requirement for women who are working out or are performing any strenuous activity, like running, gymnastics, etc. It gives your breasts the support it needs and keeps them in place. Sports bras come in a variety of designs and patterns and impact indexes; thus, it is important to choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and suits you best.

  1. T-shirt Bras –

T-shirt bras are one of the most commonly worn bras by women all over the world. They are simple and perfect for your day-to-day wear. If you’re someone with a heavy bust, you can opt for an under-wired and non-padded bra for optimal support and appearance. Whereas, if you’re someone with a small bust you can opt for the non-wired and padded bra for comfort and support.

3.Push-up Bras –

If you’re someone with a small bust and are looking for an enhancement, a push-up bra is your holy grail. As the name suggests, they give your breasts a natural lift and make them look bigger and fuller with the help of the extra padding. They too come in a variety of shapes and patterns to choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

  1. Strapless and Stick-on Bras –

Strapless bras come with removal and multiway straps that can be used according to your desired style depending on your choice of clothing like cami and backless tops or dresses. Stick-on bras, like the name suggests do not come with a back support or straps like the strapless bras and are perfect for deep back dresses or tops.

  1. Plunge Bras –

Plunge bras are the next best thing when it comes to wearing deep neck tops or dresses. They have a front U-shape neck that is designed for deep cut blouses.

6.Minimizer Bras –

Having a heavier bust can get pretty uncomfortable and painful. But a minimiser bra can help you provide firm comfort and support that your breasts need while making them seem smaller by one and a half inches or more.

Finding a perfect bra for yourself is difficult but not impossible. The trial-and-error method is known to work best. So, go on and get shopping!

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