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What is Media Analytics?

Media analytics is the computational analysis of consumer’s media experience to draw important conclusions about the certain purchasing patterns and user’s response to specific content available on social and digital media. It helps enterprises understand the user behavior by quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing its touch points related to all the platforms. It provides data analysis about the thinking patterns of people of a certain area and then using advertisement and other modern tools to effectively change or obtain specific trends in behaviors.

What is the use of Media Analytics?

1.Audience awareness

Media consumption of the viewers is recorded and analyzed for the purpose of getting insight about their interests. Media analytics is the most effective way of tracking the digital audience.

2.Increased audience engagement

Getting to know about what audience like is important in winning the audience and providing them with content they love to watch or listen.

3.Better content production

There are three key dimensions that affect your audience: content, packaging, and quality. A good understanding of what drives viewer engagement can help you determine how content should be produced and delivered to ensure maximum audience engagement. 

The importance of Social Media Analytics

1.Social Media and Big Data Analytics

Big data is the set of large data that is processed to draw some important conclusions. This is mostly used by big corporations for not only business purposes but for some other purposes, as well. Social media was developed for the purpose of communication but with time, it has evolved into a completely different entity. The overflow of likes, dislikes, subscribers or followers involves the use of these big data analytics. The target audience can be communicated in a better and engaged way.

2.The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

In the current era, not only business owners care about the views of customers but the masses are also targeted by the big political bugs. Cambridge Analytica is an eye-opener in the use of media analytics for business and political purpose. The scandal is concerned with obtaining the data of millions of Facebook users without their consent by the UK’s data analyzing firm Cambridge Analytica. This data was predominantly used for political advertisement.

3.Social Media Marketing

Social media analytics are decisive in devising strategies for better engagement with the clients. There is no way of posting stuff on social media anytime. You have to analyze their activity time and field of interest. Only then you will have better traffic and engagement activity. Some social media apps such as Facebook themselves provide insights into the analytics by calculating the target regions and target audience.

4.Better understanding competitors and people’s choices

By creating appealing and informative content, your competitors will be performing better. Without data analysis, your efforts to increase engagement will go wasted. By using social media analytics tools, you can win more customers by using specific keywords and other content. So, these analytics provide you with an opportunity to best plan your social and digital media content.


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