Tuesday, September 22

Useful tips to identify the best homeopathic doctor

People are slowly realizing the importance of homeopathy over allopathy. Although the former is stated to offer slow cure to different types of small and major ailments, the cure is complete and full. No chemicals are used in homeopathic based treatment and it is also very much affordable on the pocket. It is for this reason, the demand for qualified and experienced homeopathic doctors are on the rise.

There have come up hundreds of doctors qualified in this particular field of medicine. Hence, it becomes essential to identify the very best one among the lot. With some tips, a good doctor can be found who can help with the current medical situation.
  •     deally the doctor needs to have valid MD degree, with CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) credential. Many have ND degrees and may be specialists in naturopathic medicine. But they are not homeopaths necessarily, since both are entirely different professions. The doctor should have completed his studies from a reputed university that specialists in homeopathy.
  •    The reputed and experienced doctor is one who will have a website, downloaded forms and testimonials to boast about their expertise and reliability.
  •    The doctor should be in a position to understand and diagnose the problem that the patient is suffering from. He/she should also prescribe the medicine that is to be taken and the duration to get proper cure. Some doctors are found to give medicines to their patients for healing purpose, without actually informing what is the medicine for! Some even trap their patients to make indefinite use of their services.
  •     The doctor should give proper appointment to the patient and proper hearing. He should have patience to hear to what the patient has to say, so as to diagnose the issue correctly and come up with an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment plans are likely to vary depending upon the current medical condition faced by the patient.
  •     The qualified homeopath is one who prescribes his patients with constitutional remedies and not just homeopathic ones, to treat chronic or acute medical condition. By providing constitutional remedies, the doctor is able to help the patient to heal his/her mind and body, back to normalcy, irrespective of the condition.
  •    The homeopathic doctor should not tell the patient to stop the current prescription medicine, as it can be dangerous. It is only the patient’s own MD doctor who should specify if prescription medicine needs to be continued further or not.
  •     It is important for the homeopath to work together with the current doctor in chronic cases. Such cases will require all professionals to work closely to identify a proper solution to do away with the ailment and for the benefit of the patient.
  •    The homeopath should not be facing any kind of lawsuits or claims either now or in the past due to negligence or other issues.

Therefore, with the above criteria, it becomes much easier to narrow down the homeopathy doctor out of the lot for deriving effective and timely treatment.

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