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What to Look For: Security System for Your Trading Software Office

Whether you like or not, CCTV cameras are becoming a must-have. No neighborhood is safe – your home or your business establishment can become an easy target for criminal elements, regardless of its location. In order to protect your investments and resources, then you would need to spend some on your property’s security and protection. At the end of the day, there is no price tag for your family’s and property’s security.
Many Australians try to stay away from the topic of acquiring CCTV cameras because they think that purchasing one will just result in unnecessary spending. As it is, many are still unaware on how to properly choose the right CCTV security system that is appropriate for their needs and specifications. This article will briefly and concisely discuss tips on how to pick the right security system that will be perfect for your home or algorithmic trading platform software business office.
There are several factors and components you need to consider before buying CCTV cameras for your home or business. Understanding these factors will help a lot in selecting the most apt camera for your security needs.

Image quality. Not all CCTV cameras are created the same. Some produce low-resolution footage, while others high-resolution footage. The image quality a certain CCTV camera produces is dependent on its system, parts, and technology. The measurement for CCTV’s image quality is measured using TVL or television lines, or the “horizontal measurement of how fine a detail from a scene can be resolved on a display.” Higher TVL means better image quality. The benchmark for standard image quality is 380TVL to 420TVL, for high image quality is 480TVL to 520 TVL, and for very high quality is 540TVL to 700TVL.
Image color. Color CCTV cameras are common security cameras out in the Australian market today. However, black and white cameras are still being marketed. More consumers prefer color cameras as they tend to produce more realistic images. However, black and white cameras are cheaper than their color counterparts, making them ideal for consumers that do not want to spend too much. In addition, black and white cameras are more sensitive to light, which make them good even low-light conditions. However, high-tech color cameras today are already equipped with infrared lenses, which improve their capability in capturing images even in the dark.
Focal length. This should be your guide when looking for CCTV camera: smaller lens’ focal length means wider field of view. As it is, if the camera has a 50mm lens, it has narrower field of view compared to a 10mm lens, but it has better view of subjects far away. CCTV cameras come in either with fixed lens or varifocal lens. Cameras with fixed lens do not have the capability of zooming in to and out from the subject; while those with varifocal lens can do so.
Indoor and outdoor cameras. Certain CCTV cameras are designed to withstand the rain or snow but they are more expensive. Regular CCTV security cameras are sensitive to the weather. When rain water gets into regular cameras, the image quality produced is compromised or the camera unit itself will break. Outdoor CCTV cameras, on the other hand, can function even when it catches rain water. If you want to protect your regular camera from rain water, then you would need to place it inside weather-proof housing, making sure it will not catch water.
There are more factors to consider when shopping for CCTV cameras. The bottom line is that if you run a business related to algorithmic trading platform software, it is imperative that you invest in quality security system to ensure your office’s welfare. In order to know more, it is advisable that you consult with the technician of the store where you are planning to buy. There are many security camera shops throughout Australia so you will not have a hard time finding one. These stores carry wide range of product selections.

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