Sunday, June 13

Hacks to impress your special girl

There has to be that extra thing in a person to make him stand out in the crowd. That grace that charm, in a nutshell that “woow” factor in a person who wants to impress a girl. Girls are never easy to be impressed. So be careful of the moves you decide because you do not want to disappoint your girl by ruining the day.
Do you want to wow that certain girl? There always will be that one special girl in your life that you want to impress. Though you can’t control how a girl feels and make her fall in love with you, but surely you can make yourself seem more desirable to her. There’s never harm in trying and unless you try you will never know. May be she wanted the same thing. May be she was harboring the same feeling.
Hacks to impress your special girl:
  1. Let her start her day with surprises and as the universal fact says girls love chocolates. So send chocolates by post to her address and let the name be anonymous since a lot more is waiting for her.
  2. Not only will you look and smell more attractive. Remember a bad odour can ruin all of your efforts. Mostly girls are very particular about it. Your grooming shows her that you’re mature and capable of important daily tasks. Also pay attention to the style of clothes yopu wear, because surely you don’t want to look unpreventable, this will help her to relate with you and find you overall more attractive.
  3. Be gentle and polite. Decency is never overrated. Being well-mannered doesn’t mean you’re boring — it means you know how to treat other people with respect, a quality most girls want in their boyfriends. Treat her like she deserves to be treated. Also make sure you do not treat others in any offensive manner that will give her a bad impression. Everyone slips up and says stupid things. That’s normal but make sure to try your best to control when you’re around this girl because overdoing anything is never good nor will work out.
  4. You can keep on sending chocolates to her the entire day. By now she must have made the right guess about you. And that makes it all the more easier for you.
  5. One thing you shouldsay when you’re around her is a nice, genuine compliment. Remember girls love compliments and attention. It’s not as difficult as it seems! Think of what you like best about her. It could be her smile, her laugh, her intelligence — whatever strikes you as her best quality, it could be she as a person. Try to keep it short and simple. Do not fabricate or sugarcoat. It should not look fake.
  6. Find little ways to let her know that you think she’s an extraordinary person, and she’ll definitely notice. Try to notice things which aren’t very predictable. Remember now, that being predictable enough is boring. Gift her things she deserves so that the effort can be seen not the price.

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