Thursday, January 21

How To Choose A Building Inspection Company?

One of the most vital procedures in the buying or selling of a house is the building inspection. Buying or selling a house needs a big investment. If you need to spend another fortune to make it habitable, then the investment might mean a big loss. A proper home inspection done by a reliable company can save you a fortune. We thus, line out a few tips in choosing a reliable building inspection company.

Reviews and recommendations
Given the extent of investment involved, it is always safer to choose a company with a proven track record that becomes apparent with their reviews and recommendations. You can get them from friends, family, colleagues or anyone that has previously used their services. Else, you can easily pull out a few names from the internet that run in your region and plenty of positive online reviews backing them. Online reviews, testimonials and recommendations are a powerful medium to help you list out some authentic names.
Check the qualifications and other credentials
Once you have few names pulled up; it is vital that you check their license, qualification and other credentials. Most authentic companies post their qualifications, license and other credentials online and even in their offices so that you can personally verify them. If any company cannot give them or tries to talk you out of it; you must bypass that company and look at different options.
It is advantageous for you if the inspection professionals like carried out a sizeable number of building inspections prior to your work. The experience would have made them richer in terms of both experience and qualification. Their inspectors would not be experts on general construction industry but are likely to have experts on architecture and engineering as well. They would also be more precise in inspecting those areas of any house which a novice is likely to skip over.
Test report
Ask for a sample of a finished building inspection report before you decide on the company. Most legitimate building inspection company would always have such a copy to provide to its potential clients. The report should have a list of items that would be inspected in the house and a column beside it where its detailed condition would be written. The report would give you an insight into what would be inspected and what details you would get. In case you would want any other item to be included; it can be discussed at this point. For instance, many reports do not include termite inspection but it is a vital component to consider.
Finally, you must know what it would cost you for hiring the services of the building inspection company. The services charge should be reasonable enough and affordable to you. Check out that there are no hidden charges attached. Always compare quotes from various companies along with what is offered in the inspection report to come to a judicious decision in selecting the best company.
By following the above-mentioned criteria; you can rarely go wrong in selecting the right business inspection company.

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