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How To Get Cheap Internet Service Without Phone Line Or Cable

We all know that bundling an internet package increases your chance to save more money. And if you obtain cable TV or home phone services with it you can make your plan cheaper than a standalone one.

And this might leave you thinking about how to enjoy cable internet without cable TV or how to get the cheapest internet services without a phone.

Well, it is not impossible to get a cheap standalone internet plan if you are not bundling it with other services. It might get a bit complicated but we are here to help you with that!

For this reason, we have jotted down some exciting cheap internet plans that you can enjoy without bundling them with a cable TV or home phone service.

TDS Telecom Internet Services

If you are searching for the cheapest cable internet without a TV or home phone then TDS is your stop! It offers you a wider range of price points with the download at speeds as low as 1 Mbps to as fast as 1 Gbps.

There are impressive footprints of TDS in more than 25 states and with this massive coverage, you can get your low-cost internet connection easily. For instance, if you live in Hobbs, New Mexico you can enjoy TDS Hobbs blazing fast internet with uninterrupted streaming opportunity, online gaming, and low latency usage for as long as you want.

Moreover, you can also pick either a standard Wi-Fi option or upgrade your choice to TDS Wi-Fi+ with a suitable internet security option that fits right to your needs.

Spectrum Internet Services

Spectrum allows you to get all types of internet connections from your modern choice to a traditional internet service option without a phone line or cable TV service.

You can simply try a basic internet service that is available to you for as low as $44.99 per month. Beware that these prices may vary as per the area you reside in.

Among the many other benefits of affiliating with Spectrum is that if you opt for their internet connection you get the freedom to enjoy unlimited data and a chance to enjoy free Wi-Fi Hotspots.

The company makes every internet package more irresistible for the customers because they have such amazing features attached to it including a free modem and a security suite.

Frontier Internet Services

Frontier is one of the most reputable internet service providers present in our country. They offer a wide range of internet services that are affordable and can be obtained without phone or TV services.

Their internet plans start from $37.99 per month which means you can easily opt for this cheap connection without worrying about your budget.

One of the many fascinating parts of their services is that these plans come with the freedom of unlimited data usage and contains no additional or hidden fees.

You don’t even have to bind yourself with an annual contract and can switch whenever you want. You should keep in mind that the prices of these network-ready Internet plans may vary as per your area.

RCN Internet Services

When you think of a cost-effective internet service provider then the first name that pops up in your head is RCN. You can get your desired standalone internet plans starting from only $29.99 per month.

This allows you to save your hard-earned money and still get a high-quality service for the best value. The internet speed of RCN services ranges from 100 to 940 Mbps and you are free to choose the ones that fit perfectly to your needs.

You are not required to tie yourself up with any contract or limit yourself due to the data caps. They offer you freedom of choice at every step of the way and also guarantee premium services at all costs.

Additionally, RCN makes your internet connection even better with their in-home Wi-Fi services and enables you to switch to a smart journey with a reasonable investment.

To Summarize

The best way to get internet without cable TV or a home phone is by exploring the standalone plans provided by your ISP. You can also contact the customer service of your ISP and ask them about the cheapest internet options that they can offer and make sure that you are getting the maximum benefits out of the value of money you are paying them.

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