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The solution for hair fall and baldness lies deep in the roots of Ayurveda

Hair fall is a major and heart wrecking problem for the youth of modern days. Thanks to the increased stress levels, pollution and the lifestyle practices of people that more than 50% of the people face alopecia or loss of hair. No amount of modern care treatment and shampoos have proven to be a solution for this ever enhancing problem. But the true solution for these hair fall issues comes from our tradition. Ayurvedic treatment remedies seem to be highly effective against hair fall.

Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall:

Hair fall is the result of the roots of the hair follicles becoming weak owing to poor diet and faulty lifestyle practices. The remedy for hair loss and to help grow new hair from damage follicles lies in Ayurveda. Herbal hair oils that are created using natural herbs and ingredients are proven to promote the growth of healthy hair. One of the major benefits of these hair oils is that it prevents the thinning of the hair line and is suitable for both men and women of all ages. 

When such herbal oils are used by massaging on to the scalp they not only promote hair growth but also prevents itching and scaling of the scalp. The anti-fungal properties of the herbal oils keep dandruff and other scalp problems at bay. Loss of hair owing to split ends is prevented along with premature greying of hair. Kesh 999 from Torque Ayurveda is one of the best herbal oil preparations and it revitalizes the dormant follicles of the scalp and stimulates them to grow new hair cells.

Herbal ingredients of the oil:

Neeli: This contains Beta-Sitosterol that promotes hair growth

• Kalonji: Its antifungal properties help to fight dandruff
Behada: Helps prevent thinning of hair
• Bottle Gourd: Makes hair strong and lustrous
Daruharidra: Its antifungal properties help to fight infections of the scalp
Mehendi: This cools the scalp and relieves itching
Amla oil: This component is rich in minerals and vitamin C
• Harad: Helps to fight dandruff and hair fall
• Coconut oil: This is rich in proteins and minerals and helps to keep the scalp free from flakes
Bhringraj: Fights dandruff and promotes hair growth
Shikakai: Rich in Vitamin E and helps to moisturize the hair
• Kola: relieves the scalp from itchy scalp
Manjistha: Improves blood circulation of the scalp and also moisturizes it.

How to use herbal oil preparation?

For strengthening and moisturizing the hair roots, it is required to use the this best Ayurvedic oil for regrowthgenerously on the scalp and massage with fingertips for a few minutes to strengthen the hair roots. Massaging increases blood circulation in the scalp and also calms the mind for a sound sleep. It is also a best practice to leave the oil overnight for prompt absorption and wash the hair with a good herbal shampoo the next morning.

Thus the solution for hair fall and dandruff lies deep in our roots of Ayurveda, herbal oil preparations based on these Ayurveda ingredients is the best alternative to fight against the ever ending hair fall problems.

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